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Arilyn Roberts
Miss Gay Louisiana America 2017

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A moment from Corey...

As I sit in my garden, I want to take a moment of your time, if I may.

I would like to, first off, say thank you to everyone who has called, texted, Facebooked, & emailed showing Love & support over the last few weeks upon the announcement of me taking over leadership of Miss Gay Louisiana America. Many of whom I could name, but I have much to announce & do not want to take up too much time.

However, I feel it is necessary to thank the Forever Miss Gay Louisiana Americas for the excitement & readiness to get on board with all of my ideas. With your help, this system will only continue to grow by sharing your crafts with the generations to come. As many of you have been doing for several years already, being a role model for them to look up to & a dream that they too can be Miss Gay Louisiana America one day. Along with David Green for carrying the torch for the past several years. I am also humbled to now be the promoter of a system with such a longstanding rich history. I look forward to keeping traditions alive as well as creating new ones to further enrich our MGLA system.

Now, if you are a follower of the Miss Gay America system, you may have learned over the past couple years things are changing, as all must change or adapt with the times in order to stay ahead of them. I feel these changes made were necessary in reviving the contestant & fanbases & have proved in making the pageant more relaxed, creative, current, & enjoyable. I didn't get the chance to attend MGA last year, but this year in New Orleans, while helping & watching from all angles, I noticed a difference in mood from everyone & I enjoyed it. The contestants & audience were having fun, the pageant ran professional & smoothly, & you didn't see contestants all trying to be the same cookie-cutter of what they thought was expected. Everyone was unique & comfortable with what they had to offer & displayed it proudly. They were made clear of the rules & regulations restructured by the new MGA board & what they were looking for in the next MGA. I applaud the rebranding of the MGA system in its entirety along with the message that is to be yourself. I enjoyed my experience so much that I knew my bid to be the new promoter of MGLA and return home was a sure one.

With changing to be more inline with nationals, I feel our state pageant should also loosen the reigns of such serious expectations to follow unwritten rules from all aspects: contestants, judges, promoters, Forever MGLA's, & fan base alike. Let's not lose sight that our jobs include putting on dresses as men to have fun & entertain a crowd. So while there should be some seriousness involved to dedicate the time for preparing a quality package applying for role of thenext MGLA, to listen to interviews & constructively critique, or to respect an entertainer while on stage; we should not get carried away with throwing the book. So, please hear what I have to say "RELAX, HAVE FUN & LET'S CREATE MEMORIES THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME!"

Another change, which I am most thrilled to announce, is my decision to hold MGLA in a theatre this year. I feel this will not only increase the production value of the pageant but familiarized our representatives with a theatre style competition before the national pageant. So, I will take this time to formally announce that ALL nights of MGLA competition will be held at the Benjamin W. Mount Theatre inside the Historic Central School for Arts & Humanities building located in the heart of my home town of Lake Charles on July 5-7th. The pageant week will be filled with events such as after parties, meals, activities, shows/entertainment, & discounts from all of my favorite places, businesses, & organizations around town. I look forward to sharing my SWLA culture with you & all we have to offer.

And last but not least, I am thankful to start my role as promoter with such a seasoned queen as Arilyn Roberts. With her longevity of dedication to MGLA & story to tell I couldn't have asked for a better queen to aide in the transition of leadership for MGLA. Before I stepped into this role, I was worried I wouldn't have contestants. For some reason, I thought contestants may want to sit back & see how things play out before they give the new promoter a shot, but I am thankful to say that is not the case & these contestants are already wanting to compete. So, it looks like Arilyn & I will have to start looking for new promoters/prelims for these contestants to qualify for MGLA. So, if you are looking to be a part of the MGLA family contact myself or Arilyn to find out more details.

Thank you for a moment of your time.

Until next time...with Love,Corey Trahan

Miss Gay Louisiana America
Corey Trahan
Miss Gay Louisiana America
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