Anastacia Davenport
Miss Gay Louisiana America 2008

From the Desk of Doctor Davenport Archive

A l p h a

Illustrious and eminent emotions have now colonized my mind. These feelings are like none Iíve ever experienced or felt before. I cannot begin to announce a description of how my life has changed so briskly. I truly can say it is a chapter of my life that cannot be substituted or denied. The revelry of this milestone shall dwell with me forever.

There are two types of people that have helped make my dream a reality. The positive, I am forever in your debt. You know who you are. The negative, many times we tend to forget to acknowledge you. I want to thank you guys for taking part in the composition of this tortoise like shell. It protects me from the strongest complex. I owe you big time, and have got to find a way to make it up to you.

Moving forwardÖ I am really excited about the memories to come. I cannot wait to share those memories with each and every one of you. It is going to be an outstanding year, and you are going to help me make it possible. I challenge you to send me some feedback. I strongly welcome your opinions. My email is as follows, .

I leave you with this thought, a successful symbol of excellence is an impeccable listener!

Anastacia Davenport
Miss Gay Louisiana America 2008

An earache home remedy
Earaches are a common occurrence in our lives. Learn what causes them and how you can avoid them in the future.

Earaches can be anything from slightly painful to extremely painful and are usually brought on by a fluid buildup (sometimes resulting from an infection), or a buildup of pressure in the middle ear.

Causes of earaches:
Infection of the middle ear
Sinus infections Buildup of ear wax or fluid
Something stuck in the ear
Teeth problems
Ear injuries
Changes in air pressure in a plane (ascending or descending usually brings this on)

How to prevent earaches:
Refrain from putting things into your ears such as cotton swabs, bobby pins, your fingers, etc. as this can cause damage to your eardrum and increase your chances of something getting stuck in your ear/eardrum.
When blowing your nose, do it gently and one nostril at a time.
Avoid smoke as much as possible. Smoking and secondhand smoke can increase your risk of infection.
When swimming, wear earplugs and refrain from swimming in dirty waters.


S e p t e m b e r / O c t o b e r

As the fall months are quickly approaching, I am counting down the days until a cool breeze graces our area. And we all know what a cool breeze means-- cute sweaters, colorful scarves, and most importantly sexy boots. Boots are the accessory for Fall and Winter. Boots are powerful. They speak volumes about your personality. I love any style of boot from cowboy boots to sexy stilettos. The variety of styles allow you to be versatile and unique. A simple outfit can easily be spruced up with a fierce pair of boots; any color, any style.

This month has been nothing less than intense preparation for Miss Gay America. Each day I continue to advance and capitalize, not only on my competition package, but as an individual as well. A noteworthy symbol of excellence can always find faults within his self, but a veracious symbol of excellence will strive hard to correct them. It is a known fact that no one is perfect. Our daily lives should always be a work in progress. I challenge each of my readers within the next month, to take the time to reflect and work studiously to amend personal faults. I did, and now I can rest peacefully at night. I would like to send a very special thanks to Roy LeCompte. I can truly say you are a very magnificent man. Thanks for taking the time to help me when things were not going so well

Congratulations to Damion Davenport the newly crowned Mr. Dick and Janes. I am very proud of you and all your accomplishments. (DEVOUR) Alexis Daniels, Gustav was no match for us. Our evacuation trip/vacation was none the less memorable. Thank you for being a true sister in a crisis. Bambi Bextor and Clarence D, thanks for opening up your home when the wind was blowing strong.

Anastacia Davenport
Miss Gay Louisiana America 2008

RUMORS (Halitosis)

The most successfully and fastest remedy is to always think of others before circulating uncertain information. Not only will it damage others, but will come back to haunt you.
P.S. Scope helps too!


No. Ď08, Opus 3-4

Solo talent, oh yeah it is packed. I see the rhinestones through the suitcase. Male interview attire, would not leave home with out it. Talent costume and lace front, securely in its proper place. Evening gown, need I say more. Finally I asked myself a question. Are you ready? My answer... I was born ready! Then I remembered one thing I forgot. Anastacia, make sure you enter this endeavor with a focused mind. Be ready for good, bad, happy and sad. You have a long, treacherous ten hour drive followed up by an intense week of competition. At last, she was out the door and St. Louis bound.

Registration was held at the top of the Millennium hotel. The world famous Gateway to the West landmark was in hands grasp. The morning was filled with tons of good mornings, and friendly embraces. I occasionally heard the well known words, itís so great to see you again. The room was compiled with many well known and new faces. Once everyone introduced themselves, and what a great feeling it was to be Miss Gay Louisiana America, we pulled contestant numbers so eagerly. Your number would dictate your entire competition schedule. If it was not what you expected, you would quickly learn to adjust. If not, you would be miserable the duration of the week. There were three numerals that I prayed I would not choose. Just my luck I retrieved one of them. Once the smoke settled registration was over and I had the rest of the morning to relax. NOT!

The competition experience began. It was not my first time at the rodeo, so I was aware of what to expect. It was truly a week of amazement. The pageant line-up was pouring with incredible talented men! These men were dedicated to their craft. They took pride in what they did. Every contestant had in their minds that they were the next Miss Gay America. The position could have gone to anyone on that stage final night. In the end, Victoria DePaula captured the C.E.O. position. Congratulations to him on a job well done. I look forward to working with him this year, as we stumble upon the next pageant season.

I would like to thank Chris and Raquel for their continued support and guidance. Julius Wade for making me realize that everything that glitters isnít gold. Symphony Alexander-Love, you are truly an angel. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. It was great getting to know the real you. A special congrats to Damion Davenport, the newly crowned Mr. Mississippi International. My music would have not been right without your guidance. Last, but not least, to you the readers, you are amazing. Thanks for taking the time to share a special part of my life.

October was an extremely challenging month for me. There were many obstacles I had to overcome. November predicts to be just as intense. Even though my performances are limited, it does not mean that Iím being lethargic. Iím on cloud nine!

Anastacia Davenport
Miss Gay Louisiana America 2008

Heal my broken heart
How long will it last? How long before that empty feeling fades away?

You should try to go about your daily routine, try not to think about it too much. But it keeps coming back, sweeping over you like a wave---that feeling in the pit of your stomach--- you suck in a big breath of air. How long am I going to feel this way?

Hereís the harsh reality of it, nothing really works---not completely anyway. Thereís no easy fix, but in an attempt to help, I share this.

Five steps to heal a broken heart:
Engraved (weapon) - M.A.C. PowerPoint eyeliner, Trust me it will not smudge or run, itís water resistant!
Music (potent medicine) - Instrumental music has the greatest healing power.
Write, Write, Read - Write a letter. Write a poem, or even a song. Read horoscopes, short stories, or novels.
Back in time - A trip home. A walk through your old neighborhood, mysteriously it's therapeutic.
Regaining Faith - Getting a handle on managing your heart by hearing what your head has to say.
Step Six? - Okay, this is an optional ďbonusĒ step. Treat yourself to a Good-luck token. Fascinating jewels or a new dress would be soothing!


The Fugue Continues

I know not what you wish for
This Christmas.
Whatever it is,
Close your eyes,
See it in your mindís eye.
It might become your gift,
This Christmas.
Many are thrilled,
Yet many more may not have the strength,
To reach a Christmas tree,
Pick and leave a gift,
This Christmas.
The wind blows,
The candle flame slants,
As children play they learn of fairies.
And the old, they tell the stories, Ever so slow.
Pray and tell what you wish for,
That father may give,
This Christmas.
Families come together, this once.
To sing and play and dance,
No other day gives a better dance,
Give yourself up this time a familiar gift that stuns,
Once a merry year,
This Christmas!

Santa will be here soon. Have you been naughty or nice? I sure hope the answer to that question, was nice. For myself, of course Iíve been nice. In fact I think every bone in my body is nice. Some readers may beg to differ.

This holiday season let us be thankful for family and friends, near and far. They help to mold and shape our character. We should also be thankful for mistakes that we have made. Hopefully we have learned our lesson, and never drift down that path again. I know that Iím thankful for being able to compose this excellence edition. Life is a beautiful thing. So, this holiday season I pray you are safe and live to see many many more. Finally, Iím thankful for the new President Elect. Hopefully he can restore what has been destroyed and trampled. We all know this will be a difficult task. We as citizens of the United States, must be patient with Obama. We have to work with him and not against, to surpass our economic hardships. It will all get better in time!

Anastacia Davenport
Miss Gay Louisiana America 2008

Holiday Depression and Stress
The holiday season for most people is a fun time of the year filled with parties, celebrations, and social gatherings with family and friends. But for many people, it is a time filled with sadness, self-reflection, loneliness, and anxiety.

What causes the holiday blues?
Sadness is a truly personal feeling. What makes one person feel sad may not affect another person. Typical sources of holiday sadness include:
  • stress
  • fatigue
  • unrealistic expectations
  • over commercialization
  • financial stress
  • the inability to be with one's family and friends
Balancing the demands of shopping, parties, family obligations, and house guests may contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed and increased tension. People who do not view themselves as depressed may develop stress responses, such as:
  • headaches
  • excessive drinking
  • overeating
  • insomnia
Others may experience post-holiday sadness after New Year's/January 1st. This can result from built-up expectations and disappointments from the previous year, coupled with stress and fatigue.

Tips for coping with holiday stress and depression:
  • Make realistic expectations for the holiday season.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself.
  • Pace yourself. Do not take on more responsibilities than you can handle.
  • Make a list and prioritize the important activities. This can help make holiday tasks more manageable.
  • Be realistic about what you can and cannot do.
  • Do not put all your energy into just one day (for example, Thanksgiving Day, New Year's Eve). The holiday cheer can be spread from one holiday event to the next.
  • Live "in the moment" and enjoy the present.
  • Look to the future with optimism.
  • Don't set yourself up for disappointment and sadness by comparing today with the "good old days" of the past.
  • If you are lonely, try volunteering some of your time to help others.
  • Find holiday activities that are free, such as looking at holiday decorations, going window shopping without buying, and watching the winter weather, whether it's a snowflake or a raindrop.
  • Limit your consumption of alcohol, since excessive drinking will only increase your feelings of depression.
  • Try something new. Celebrate the holidays in a new way.
  • Spend time with supportive and caring people.
  • Reach out and make new friends.
  • Make time to contact a long lost friend or relative and spread some holiday cheer.
  • Make time for yourself!
  • Let others share the responsibilities of holiday tasks.
  • Keep track of your holiday spending. Overspending can lead to depression when the bills arrive after the holidays are over. Extra bills with little budget to pay them can lead to further stress and depression.